A narrow winding path, through an improbable cliff.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Twice is Nice is another classic steep run in Jackson, though highly dangerous.

This doglegging chute is south facing and takes a lot of direct sun.

It’s also a bit hard to find.

Encounter this gem in the right conditions, however, and you can soak in a few hundred feet of steep, narrow and incredible couloir skiing.

Access Twice is Nice via the Cardiac Ridge Bootpack, same as you would for Once is Enough.

However, once along the southern ridge of Cody Peak, begin ascending back towards the summit.

The entrance into the chute located just below the summit.

The very top section is a short face that runs along more than just Twice is Nice, so move slow and make sure you can see into the chute, it should be directing you towards the skier’s left (before it turns to the right and out of sight).

It definitely helps to be with someone who knows where they are going.

Like Once is Enough and No Name Face, you’ll end up in No Name Bowl.

Exit the basin by traversing skier’s right towards Pinedale Canyon.

DO NOT ski fall line from the basin; there is a large cliff band below!