Flowy scenic singletrack that encircles the many interconnecting trails of Northwoods’ West section.


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As if having three Epic IMBA trails within a 30-mile radius wasn’t already motivation enough for mountain bikers to plan a basecamp in the area, Central Arkansas is upping the enticement with development of the new Northwoods Trail system in the city of Hot Springs. At the time of this writing, May 2019, the 14 miles of Phase I has been completed.

Also, by riding a short singletrack connector trail to nearby Cedar Glades, you can add another 10 miles to the pool of mountain bike trails available to ride right now.

When Phases II and III completed, this 2,000-acre park will total 54 connected miles of singletrack. If Phases II and III match the high bar set by Phase I, no matter where you live, if you ride a mountain bike, Northwoods Trails needs to be on your to-do list. These wooded hillsides are stocked with fun and challenging trails.

Head out on the outer loop trails then drop into one of the many spur trails that IMBA Trail Solutions (ITS) constructed across the rolling hills and valleys.

The outer loop trails also offers enjoyable scenic views of the bordering lake as it connects riders to this network of sweet, flowy trails.

Riders are also challenged, as ITS designed the trails to incorporate the area’s rock features into the trails.

But many of the high flyers will bypass the outer loop trails to head directly to Lucky 13 for repeats on its consecutive jumps. Rocky, flowy, and big air, Northwoods Trails Phase I has it all.