A great ski touring classic in the Lyngen Alps


7 - 8









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This is a classic ski tour into the heart of the Lyngen Alps.

Easy access, moderate and varied terrain, glacier travel and great views characterise this tour. The tour begins at the end of the road in Koppangen.

Cross the flats to reach the steep slopes leading into Koppangsdalen valley.

Work the slopes on your right to reach the flat upper valley.

In spring time, this section may be hard and require ski crampons. Head on to the reach the base of the glacier.

Classic glacier travelling follows, with fantastic views of the surrounding summits.

While the route is not very crevassed and usually covered well with snow, a rope and glacier skills are strongly recommended. A short 30 to 35 degres steep slope (kick-turns!) leads to the summit ridge.

Follow the ridge to reach the summit.

While the ridge is broad and easy, it can have icy patches and on both sides are steep drops - be mindful and careful on these last meters. The descent follows the same route.

Alternative ski descents exist via Strupbreen (requiring boat pick-up) or south into Russedalen. While the terrain you travel on is moderate, there are big slopes above you on the entry to Koppangsdalen.

Avoid travelling underneath these during heightened avalanche danger, and especially on warm spring days in the afternoon.

A very early start is recommended also to avoid the crowds frequenting this (rightfully) popular tour.

If you are starting by 6am you will have the summit to yourself! Do not forget the ski crampons.