Great gladed skiing but prior knowledge is essential!









FATMAP difficulty grade



A great area of gladed skiing with numerous different routes leading down to join the Glacier Road back to Crystal chair.

You can spend a good 15-20 minutes skiing through here without seeing anyone else! Drops, chutes, tight trees and pillow fields await you. HOWEVER, CBC is a complex mix of cliffs, frozen waterfalls and chutes so it's essential that you enter with someone who knows the area well.

The line on the map only gives a sense of direction of the route but there isn't just one route down.

DO NOT go in here alone or without someone who knows the area.

Access via Upper Ridge Runner.

Get off the chair and onto the Ridge Runner, then continue straight ahead into the trees when the run veers left.

A short traverse will lead you to two options, around the corner or a short side step up to another entrance to CBC.

From both of these there are several routes you can take, and from this point on you will need your experienced guide.

Navigate the above mentioned terrain and eventually you will join the Blackcomb Glacier Road which takes you back to Crystal Ridge Express.