A beginner learning area with two carpet lifts and a T-bar


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Sorenson Park is the beginner learning area just north of the main base area.

This area consists of two “moving carpet” lifts (the Comet and Meteor), that have a perfect, gentle slope for never-evers.

There is also a "platter" surface lift (Spirit Lift) that has a slightly steeper and longer slope.

The Spirit lift can be challenging for beginners compared to the carpet lifts, so do yourself a favor and don't start here.

During early season (November/December) this run is converted into a temporary intermediate terrain park while the bigger parks are receiving snowmaking, so beginners would definitely want to avoid Spirit Lift then.

Sorenson Park is an ideal place to learn to ski or ride, but can get very congested on weekends and holidays with all the Ski & Ride School groups.

Winter Park offers great package deals that include lift ticket, lesson, and ski/board rental to first-timers to the sport.

Lessons are the better way to go if it's your first time (or the first time in 30 years).

The drawback of Sorenson Park is the long walk (at the exact opposite end of the resort) from where the Cabriolet and buses leave you off, and when you have small kids with lots of equipment, that's a long walk.

There are free wagons to use at the Cabriolet, or you can catch a Wee Willie kids ski school bus where the Cabriolet leaves you off.

Harold "Pop" Sorensen was a Norwegian immigrant and competitive Nordic skier who founded the Winter Park Ski Jump School at Winter Park Resort.

There used to be a giant ski jump at Sorenson Park’s location, and you can still see the remains of it above the park.