A high mountain black run that's more like an off-piste itinerary than a real piste.









This run has been closed a great deal in recent years and has become more of an off-piste itinerary.

If it isn't open, that means it has not been made safe by the ski patrollers, so treat it as an off-piste, and carry and be skilled at using the necessary safety equipment.

If it is open then it will be generally left un-groomed so you could encounter anything from powder to hard-pack, ice, moguls or crud.

At the top you’ll need to take a fair bit of speed along the sometimes bumpy ridge in order to make it up the other side – watch how others go in order to judge how fast you need to go yourself.

At the bottom, before joining the Rocher de l’Enfer piste, make sure you don’t accidentally (or on purpose for that matter) jump off the huge cliff of the same name.

Follow the piste markers and you’ll be fine.