A great black diamond tree run in the Canyon area.









Chop Chop is a black tree run off Royal Flush.

The best way to a access this location is to either take the K1 Gondola to the peak, or the Snowdon Triple.

If you opt with K1 then take the Great Northern down to the intersection of Killink and then continue a short way on Great Northern.

Next, take a right on to Royal Flush and continue over Racer’s Edge to stay on Royal Flush.

Or you can take the Snowdon Triple and exit the lift to the left.

Go around the corner to the right and take a hard right on to Killing followed by a left on to Great Northern at the intersection.

Go a short way and take a right on to Royal Flush.

To enter the trees, you can start off when you cross over Racer’s Edge on Royal Flush at Skier’s left, or directly off from Racer’s Edge.

This tree run has varying conditions.

The trees are tighter at the top and then it opens up.

You will dump out onto Cascade Runout or you can do the whole tree run.

Otherwise you can jump back out on Royal Flush of Highline.

If exiting on to Cascade Runout, beware of a high ledge with a drop off as well as other skiers and riders flying by at speed to make the flat run out to the K1 base.

The perfect advanced trail for people looking for a tree run that is not crowded and without going outside the resort boundaries with multiple exit areas.