A short black diamond Canyon trail with a steep headwall and varying conditions.


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Lower East Fall is a black diamond Canyon trail which was opened early in the season.

The best way to access this location is to take the K1 Gondola to the peak, the Snowdon Triple or North Ridge Triple.

If you opt for K1, take Great Northern to Upper East fall on skier’s right.

Take it all the way down to right before the North Ridge Triple loading area.

Lower East Fall will be on skier’s right.

If you opt to take the Snowdon Triple, exit the lift to the left.

Then go around the corner to the right and take a hard right on to Killink down before crossing over Great Northern and staying left on a short black connecting trail (Racer’s Edge) to Lower East Fall.

If you enter here, you will miss the fun headwall, so yield to skiers and riders descending above to skier’s right.

This trail opens in early season as the first black diamond trail with a lot of snow-making on it.

It is a crap shoot no matter what the day will offers.

You can get a steep groomer, large moguls, under the guns and ice.

Avoid this trail in the afternoon as it will be scraped off and in the shade.

If you choose to enter this from upper East Fall (highly recommended), you will enter the trail off a steep headwall.

Stay to the far skier’s right for less pitch.

The center is the steepest.

It is often icy, so if you hang to skier’s left, you can grab the loose powder to get your turns in.

This trail is in varied light.

The perfect advanced run for people looking for a short black diamond trail with a steep headwall and varying conditions.