A short intermediate trail on the upper mountain.









Rime is a fairly short blue trail with varied terrain.

To access this location, take the North Ridge Triple or Canyon Quad (easiest access off the North Ridge Triple).

Exit the lift to the left.

This trail is the first trail to open for the season and is always groomed with snow-making.

It gets a ton of traffic and as such it gets icy fast.

The upper part of the trail is wider and more forgiving as far as ice goes.

There are never any real bumps here except to skier’s left under the lift.

Use EXTREME caution when crossing over Great Northern as this is a HUGE intersection where people are cruising at speed.

Watch out for people coming from skier’s right as you cross over.

It then it gets steeper and even icier.

There is a double fall line towards the bottom.

Watch out for people merging from Upper East Fall and occasionally getting air off the gutter.

This trail is groomed but gets bumped up quickly in the lower section and it gets a lot of light.

It's perfect for people who are looking for a short blue trail.