Easygoing hike to beautiful Hidden Lake.


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Hidden Lake is one of the most popular day hikes in Glacier National Park for a reason.

The hike isn't too difficult, and it features wonderful views and the chance to see wildlife.

The hike to Hidden Lake Overlook and the additional trip down to Hidden Lake has it all! On just this route I have seen grizzlies, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats.

Mountain goats love roaming the Logan Pass area (where the trail starts), so be aware.

This route is also best done earlier or later in the day to avoid most of the crowds. This trail is very well marked and constructed, which makes it doable for people of all ages.

There is a boardwalk section in the beginning to protect the fields of wildflowers in the area.

The views of Clements and Reynolds Mountains are both spectacular.

Hidden Lake is nestled below the nearby peaks.

It truly is hidden, as you do not see the lake until the very end of the hike. Most parties stop at the Hidden Lake overlook, which offers a fantastic view of the lake and Bearhat Mountain.

Bearhat Mountain shoots straight up in the distance, providing a sense of scale.

Once at the overlook, descend down the same trail to the lake.

You can go as far as you'd like here.

Note, the section of trail following the overlook is often closed due to grizzly bear activity, so pay attention to trail closures.

This route should be done by anyone visiting the park, and it will certainly not disappoint.

Providing the chance to see a variety of wildlife, the surrounding peaks, and the crystal clear lake, this route is a must-do!