from Balmuccia to Alagna (30km)









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YELLOW CARTEL - NUMBER 1 in GREEN field PARKING - On the Provincial Road 299 at Balmuccia, you will find the yellow sign of the bike path and, turning right, you continue following the yellow signs to reach the parking lot of the School or, continuing down, and passing a small tunnel, to that of the Center Canoe and Rafting Monrosa. From here starts an interesting path that, once crossed the bridge over the Sesia, it goes to the side of the mountain with an impressive view of the canyon below and, overcoming some differences in level engaged, reaches the bridge further north, which, once crossed, leads to the village of Scopetta reached by crossing the SP 299. From here you exit for 400

on the Provincial road to get on the bike path of Muro di Scopa and then, along the bike path sidewalk, at the height of Scopa, you cross the Provincial road again and then take again the left orographic side of Sesia.

From here you can recover altitude with a challenging difference in height but, made pleasant by crossing chestnut woods to descend in the hamlet of Chioso reaching Scopello.

A stretch of about 1 km on an asphalt road leads to the entrance to the wide path that easily reaches Piode on the right orographic side of the Sesia, from here you reach the Ponte di Quare after passing a larch wood. After 100 m.

in the direction of Rassa, on the right you take the asphalt road that descends to the plain and that crosses for almost 2 km.

wide meadows and farmsteads with livestock farms. Once in Campertogno, leave the Sesia on the right and climb on the asphalt road until you reach the pretty hamlet of Rusa.

From here you return to a wooded path that leads to Mollia and continue with a moderate gradient in a lush vegetation up to Otra Sesia. From this point, take the generous dirt road, recently built, which leads into a spectacular and impressive forest of larches.

passed a couple of challenging gradients but, short you reach the bridge of Isolello, through a steep but wide ramp, allows you to reach the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sesia allowing you to return to the left orographic side of the Sesia. Continuing on a wide and easy dirt road, sometimes entirely covered with a turf, you reach the village of Balma Riva Valdobbia and from here you continue without any particular difficulty until the bridge that, crossed us leads to the ring road where the indication on the left of the last yellow sign allows us to reach the center of Alagna and admire the most beautiful views. For those who do not want to cover all the 30 km of the route, there is the possibility to access the route in the following locations: Balmuccia (departure) Broom Broom Raindrops Campertan Mollia Riva Valdobbia Alagna (arrival) At these locations and you will find the yellow sign of the bike path directly on the road SP 299. The distances of the individual sections are about 5 km.

on average. WE RECOMMEND THE USE OF A PROTECTIVE HELMET FOR EVERYONE. Route stages and points of interest Located at 1200 m of altitude along the course of the river Sesia, at the foot of the southern wall of Monte Rosa, Alagna is the last village in Valsesia and is part of the protected territory of the Natural Park Alta Valsesia, the highest in Europe.

Of ancient Walser origin, the population of Alagna arrived in Valsesia from Macugnaga around the thirteenth century, and even today the small town has kept intact the architectural and structural features of the past. Riva Valdobbia is the only village in the valley from which you can enjoy a complete panorama of the Rosa massif; the parish church is proclaimed a national monument; the façade is entirely dominated by the extraordinary Last Judgement, frescoed in 1597 by Melchiorre d'Enrico. Campertogno is famous in the history of Valsesia for its schools of carving and wood carving, many testimonies are kept in the small museum of the Collection of Sacred Art, at the parish church of San Giacomo, one of the most beautiful churches in Valsesia. A gastronomic production of primary importance is due to the cheese factory of Piode whose cheeses, the tome particularly, are known and appreciated everywhere. Scopello is the most important tourist centre in the middle of the valley, thanks to the skiing facilities of Mera and the development of extra-hotel buildings. Balmuccia is located on both sides of the Sermenza river, connected by a stone bridge.

From Balmuccia, the Valsermenza, also called Valpiccola, opens very slowly to the eye.