Casale Monferrato (65 km)


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An itinerary that leads us to discover, by bike, the Po Park and the Monferrine hills.

From Casale Monferrato.

The circuit is a ring of 65 kilometres that crosses the rice fields of the Po plain and touches the first hills of Monferrato, on secondary roads and easy dirt roads.

Here boredom is banned.

We start from the train station of Casale Monferrato and take the avenue in front of us to continue through the streets of the center and immediately let yourself be won over by the history of this city: the Synagogue, the Cathedral, the Civic Tower, the Theatre and the Castle.

Everything is worth a visit. Casale Monferrato is the heart of the territory, with hills that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with their characteristic canton stone infernos, underground wine-growing speculae, typical of the white tuff houses of the Ghenza Valley and the Vignalese area.

This route, designed for families, is all on the plain, but with landscapes full of magic and charm.

And with unmissable stops for fun for children and parents. Continuing along the road that runs along the Po, follow the signs for the railway station and past the second railway underpass, follow the provincial road to Frassineto Po, where you begin to familiarize yourself with the poplar groves and the vast expanses of corn, wheat and rice. After passing Frassineto Po, continue in the direction of Ticineto and Valmacca and pass the Rotaldo stream twice in a row, arriving in Valmacca, where you can admire the medieval palace in the central square, now the town hall. Leaving Valmacca behind, we continue to Rivalba, a village with the appearance of a Roman mansio, and passing for the last time the Rotaldo stream and skirting the village of Bozzole, we arrive at a crossroads where we can admire the medieval castle of Pomaro. After a short visit to the village and the castle, follow the signs for Monte Valenza, where you arrive after facing a short but steep climb.

Here you can drink at the fountain and admire the view towards the hills of Monferrato and the plain of the Po below.

Descending in the direction of Valenza and past the railway overpass, turn right where, near the Terme di Monte Valenza, the youngest (and not only them) can admire the animals of the tiny zoo. After facing the ups and downs that separate the spa from Valenza, you arrive at the goldsmith's town, where you can walk through the streets of the old town, browsing the windows of the many goldsmith's shops and admiring the view from the balcony located at the end of Viale Padova, a view that on a clear day almost reaches Pavia.

At this point you can return to Casale Monferrato by train or by another route by bicycle. Leaving Valenza and taking the provincial road for San Salvatore, shortly after skirting the hamlet of Valparolo, turn right onto a country road that will lead to Fosseto, where you can visit the gardens of Villa Genova.

After the visit and passing through the hamlet of Villabella di Valenza, head towards Giarole and then go to Occimiano: the rice fields and herons dominate this stretch of road unchallenged.

After the motorway overpass, take a dirt road on the left, which leads to the consortium road of the Lanza canal, which in turn, along the canal, takes you back to Casale Monferrato with a dirt road of about 10 km.

Going straight to the roundabout of the Palazzetto dello Sport, you can visit, on the left, the Cittadella Militare di Casale and then continue towards the roundabout of Corso Indipendenza.

Exit at the first exit and, passing under the railway overpass, return to the train station to finish the tour.

In all, about 65 km.