Cerrina Monferrato (16 km)









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Along the Cerrina Valley, among steep ascents and very fast descents on asphalt and white roads, we meet the villages that rise between the scenic hills of Basso Monferrato Casalese: Blengi, Arduino, Perosio, Odalengo Grande, Vallestura, Piancerreto and Cerrina Valle. Stages of the route and points of interest Starting from the car park next to via Casale Molino, the road that leads to piazza Marcandà, or from the stop sign in via Casale Molino turn right and after a few metres at the first crossroads turn towards Varengo. Continue slightly uphill until the junction, turn left for Blengi. Continue uphill asphalt for about km.

1.5, then take the dirt road, from the end of the asphalt after about 100 m.

turn left downhill on dirt road (*), reaching a church and the village of Perosio. Here you are on asphalt again in a very fast descent, (be careful you easily get to 60 km / h.), at the end of the descent turn right Ss 590 and continue until you see the road sign Montalero on the right, uphill road, at the square that you will find the indication Rifredda, (slightly downhill), always on asphalt you cross the village at the exit we are downhill on dirt road mixed gravel (which allows the journey even if the bottom is wet) for about 900 m.

reaching another village where the dirt road ends. Continue uphill at the first intersection turn left and after a few meters at the second intersection again left, a last effort for the steepest stretch and you are at Odalengo Grande (310 m above sea level).), here there is a bar and if it is open you can quench your thirst and then take a short tour of the only road in the country that offers a nice view of the valleys and the hills in front, now the path continues with a beautiful and fast descent (be careful, it is recommended to keep to the right) that passing through Vallestura you reach the SS590. At the Stop sign turn left (here you will find the San Quilico Tower, which dates back to the 12th century and was the bell tower of the ancient parish church of San Quilico, which has now disappeared). Proceed on the straight road towards Cerrina Valle, until you see the road sign Piancerreto on the right, (those who have enough can continue to Cerrina valley to finish the tour.) But let's stay on the track and go up to Piancerreto to see the view from the other hill.

Once in Piancerreto on the left between a private house and the Circolo, a dirt road starts downhill that takes us to Cerrina Valle our starting point at the Stop on the right there is our parking lot. (*) This stretch that leads to Perosio is to be avoided for a few days after rainy periods.