Classic alpine bowl complete with chutes, spines and open slopes.


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Northway Bowl is one of the finest runs at Crystal Mountain.

An open bowl in the middle flanked by chutes on either side, Northway Bowl has something for everyone.

Advanced skiers and riders can try the open bowl in the middle, while experts can venture into the chutes on either side.

Enter Gate 2, hike the short distance to the summit of Northway Peak and look over the edge to this glorious bowl beneath you.

A cornice often builds here, so take your first look from the side, where the cornice tapers on the ridges to either side.

For those going for the bowl proper for the most straightforward and consistent line, drop into the bowl and head straight down.

Even the narrowest section of the bowl is still wide enough for several tracks laid side to side.

This wide open bowl offers 600 vertical feet of great variety.

The feeling of elation you get on the first few turns doesn't stop until you get to the bottom of the bowl.

Once at the bottom, follow Northway Run to the bottom of that chair for another lap.

Note that once through Gate 2 cliffs and other hazards are not marked.

This is avalanche terrain.

Ski/ride with a partner and carry the proper avalanche equipment.