Casale Monferrato (37 km)


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This itinerary winds its way between the plain and the hills.

From Casale, going up the hills that dominate the river Po, you climb up to Camino, dominated by the ancient manor house dating back to the year 1000, and then descend again to the plain along the bank of the Po. This itinerary winds its way between the plain and the hills with departure from Casale Monferrato in Piazza Castello.

Take via XX Settembre towards Coniolo - Pontestura, cross the Canale Lanza and the former Eternit factory, currently in reclamation, in the curve after the church, take the uphill road on the left is a scenic road that leads us to have a nice view of the city, surroundings and Alpine arc. Continuing downhill you return to the road to Coniolo - Pontestura that at the stop sign turn left downhill and then with a short climb you arrive at "Regione Torcello", you are on the right past the "Golfino" and the "Motonautica Associazione Casalese", at the next junction keep right (dirt road), after traveling about km.

1.3 you will find on the left a paved road that leads to "Coniolo Bricco". Crossing the village, you will pass by the church and the Belvedere for another panoramic glance and eventually refuel with water at the fountain, go around the church and the cemetery to take the road that leads to Pontestura (for those who want a harder stretch, at the junction stay right after about 350 m).

on the left NOTARE a dirt road in a short and steep descent turn and go straight on the next short and steep climb, you will still arrive in the road Coniolo - Pontestura, after a few meters turn right take the asphalt road uphill that leads to the farm "Cascina Smeralda" at the end of the climb continue on dirt road and then downhill through a vineyard take the road to Pontestura), Turn right on the asphalt road to reach Pontestura al Raviolificio Bruno turn right then take the first left passing in front of the barracks of the Carabinieri, the church and at the stop sign turn right into "via Trino", here you leave the village and the road becomes dirt road, turn left uphill, you travel with ups and downs on the ridge of the hill to Camino.

In the square "del Peso". Turn right for the S.


Pontestura downhill with wide hairpin bends you arrive and cross the bridge over the Po, after about 380/400 m.

turn right on the dirt road to Pobietto, keep left until you reach that location, (for the visit see in the notes). Leave Pobietto passing in front of the museum and continue to the flyover and then on the embankment, where a few meters we see the S.


Monferrato, you remain on the embankment. Reached Morano on the Po, if you want you can take a tour of the country and then climb up on the embankment, go left towards Casale Monferrato, at the end of the embankment turn right you will reach and cross the bridge over the Po, turn right along or along the Long Po at the end cross the ring road and you will arrive at the starting point, Piazza Castello.

(route geomappato by Claudio Trombin)