A long connecting trail from Ramshead to the bottom of the Snowdon Quad, with varied terrain for advanced beginners.









Caper is a green beginner trail for anyone looking for a very long run to connect from Ramshead to the Snowdon Quad base area.

To access this location, you need to take the Ramshead Express Quad from the base.

The Ramshead Express Quad is almost always a long, cold and windy ride up.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the left.

Proceed slowly down the top and stay to the right.

This area is very wide and congested so be respectful of others on the trail.

If you are unsure of where you are going, it is best to stop off on the skier’s right side of the trail.

Use caution where uphill skiers and riders are coming down from Frolic on your right.

Stay to the right and proceed straight on to Caper.

There are many areas of varying terrain on this trail including steeper pitches, very flat areas, merging traffic from the trees off of Scarecrow, which is a black diamond, and a streaming brook which is often wet and tricky for beginners to navigate.

When you first start your descent, the trail is wide, with small bumps in the congested area from all the traffic.

Then the trail gets a bit steeper and sometimes icy.

The biggest challenge here is that you need to get enough speed in the area to make it through the upcoming flat area which is around a fairly sharp left turn.

Once you make the left turn, it will flatten out.

Be aware of people exiting trees and bombing down and merging at Vagabond.

Before the merge with Vagabond, beware of the wet area and streaming brook.

Continue with caution the whole way as there will be people exiting from the trees in Low Rider, Northstar and Great Bear.

After Great Bear, stay straight for a while and then take a left to stay on Caper.

This trail is always groomed and has varied light.

Perfect for challenging the beginner who is looking for a long run that goes to the Snowdon Quad base base area.