A beautiful introduction to this unspoilt area with gorgeous, varied and extremely friendly huts.


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The Nevache Valley, or Valle Claree Thabor, as it is correctly known, is a gem of a place, extensive in options, devoid of any ski lifts and relatively non-technical.

It has also got many low altitude options with trees, so for all these reasons it is ideal for those with limited ski touring experience, families and in mixed weather, when visibility in the trees is desirable.

It is also extremely easy to escape from in bad weather or high avalanche hazard, as most of the huts lie close to or in the valleys.

The 3 day tour described here takes in a good slice of the terrain and will open your eyes to many other options.

In addition, on day 2 you traverse Mt Thabor, the iconic peak of the area, as well as staying in one of the best huts in the area- high accolade for an area with so many great huts! Leave your car at the winter roadhead in the middle of Nevache village.

From late March onwards you may be able to leave your car a few km further up the road at an obvious chapel beyond a couple of zig zags.

Follow the summer road until the Pont de la Souchere.

The Chardonnet Hut is well signposted from here, following the footpath through the trees.

There are often snowmobile and snow shoe tracks to follow, so navigation is unlikely to be a problem, leading to the hut on the treeline.

The additional route marked is an optional extra up the impressive enclosed valley to the S known as the Grande Manche.

Alternatives would include Col du Raisin or Col du Chardonnet Sud.