A fairly short but very fun green run.


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Apart from the nursery slope area, this is Briançon's only green run.

But it's a beauty.

It may not be very long but it is wide and gentle with slightly upturned edges on the piste for much of the way down, giving it the feeling of a cruisy half-pipe that you don't have to be an expert (or a lunatic) to ski.

It is also serviced by a chairlift and/or a gondola, so for those with an aversion to button lifts it ticks all the boxes.

When you've mastered this one, the blue run called Bergers in the same sector is the perfect next step, although you'll have to brave a button lift to get to it! If you get hungry on the way down and you've got some steaks or sausages in your rucksack, then there's a free BBQ and picnic area with one of the best views in the resort.

It's the large wooden structure just off to the left of the piste - you can't miss it.