A short and moderately steep mogul trail close to the K1 base area.









Mouse Trap is a wide and short trail opened early in the season with a lot of snow-making and moguls for the advanced skier and rider.

To access this location, you can either take the Snowdon Triple or the Snowdon Quad from the base.

You can also access this trail via Snowdon Poma from Great Northern.

The easiest choice is the Snowdon Triple, which is a long and extremely slow ride up.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the left.

Proceed around the corner and go straight onto Mouse Run.

When it crosses over Great Northern, USE CAUTION.

This is one of the most congested areas of Killington.

There are a lot of people coming from all directions and at all speeds and skill levels.

In addition, there is sometimes a line at the Snowdon Poma.

The biggest danger is the traffic on skier’s right coming down from Great Northern.

Cross Great Northern to Mouse Trap.

The very top is fairly flat with small moguls and then it opens up into a very wide trail at the crest of the trail.

This trail is groomed as well as un-groomed.

On skier’s left there will be snow-making with large moguls and more traffic.

Often, the guns are going during the day, so if you like that, enjoy.

If you don’t like large moguls and occasional snow-making in progress then go to skier’s right.

If the snow cover is thin, it won’t be a great choice since the right side of the trail is all natural and never groomed.

This trail is in varied light.

It's perfect for people looking for a short, and moderately steep mogul trail that's close to the K1 base area.