A double black diamond trail that is long and steep and has large moguls in the Bear Mountain area.









Outer Limits is the most popular double black diamond trail at the top of Bear Mountain.

This trail is suitable for serious EXPERTS ONLY.

Do not attempt this if you are unsure as this is a very long and steep run with huge moguls.

The best way to access this location is to take the Bear Mountain Quad and exit the lift to the left.

Bear left to enter the gate and headwall of Outer Limits.

If you go too far to the right you will end up on Devil’s Fiddle.

Once you enter the top area, you will immediately need to negotiate a steep double fall line.

Continue on until you get to the ridge overlooking Outer Limits.

Once you arrive here, the double fall line element goes away.

You can choose your line and you'll have an audience from the Bear Mountain Quad the whole way down.

Once you pick your line, go for it and enjoy the exhilarating run.

The lines to skier’s left tend to be a bit steeper with bigger moguls.

The line found towards skier’s right tends to be a little more forgiving but watch out for exposed rocks.

There is a ton of snow-making on this trail, but only coming from the skier’s left side by the lift.

Because this trail is so wide, the coverage thins out as it crosses to skier’s right.

There are also huge whalebacks and rollers due to all the snow-making, which make for an even greater challenge.

This trail is famous for the annual spring skiing event BMMC (Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge).

Pro skiers and experts from all over participate in this spring event.

Bear Mountain has a southern exposure with a lot of sun and light.

In general, this is the most comfortable place for many folks.

Most of the runs in Bear, however, are rated double black and black diamond, so prepare for this.

This trail gets a ton of light and is perfect for experts who are looking for a long and steep killer run with large moguls in the Bear Mountain area.