Last tree run off of Shirley Lake Express









Reuter's or the 6th Tree Run is the last one coming off of the ridge coming down from Shirley Lake Express.

It is just west and adjacent to Solitude chair.

It's not as popular as it is used more by skiers using the fixed grip Solitude chair.

From Solitude, turn right and it's the first trail fall line below you.

Most skiers bear right after the first pitch and merge onto Freeway to get to the base of Solitude.

If you follow the chair line down past the right turn it flattens for a few hundred yards and then becomes considerably steeper and enters a small bowl type area with rocks and moguls.

The flatter pitch and the bowl are not groomed.

From the base of the bowl you can see the base of Solitude on the right.

Be careful in the bowl and skiing to the chair as there are terrain irregularities and rocks.

If Solitude is not running you can traverse right in the upper section of the bowl to make your way back to Shirley Lake Express through the trees and some steeper pitches.