4.5 mile hike with about 2,000' elevation gain



FATMAP difficulty grade



This 4.5 mile hike to the summit of Big Moose Mountain will take 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on your fitness level.

It is quite challenging due to the approximately 2,000 feet in elevation gain but you are rewarded with wonderful views of Moosehead Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Trail Head Directions: From the blinking light in the center of Greenville travel north 5.1 miles on Route 6/15.

Turn onto the North Road (a dirt road) marked by a sign for Maine Public Reserve Lands – Little Moose Unit.

At 6.6 miles on this road look for the trailhead and parking on the right. For more info and photos of this hike, please visit my blog: <a href="http://www.ericsturgeon.com/blog/big-moose-mountain-hike/">Muddy Hike on Big Moose Mountain - Eric's Maine Life</a>