A killer black diamond tree run that's out of the way.









Patsy’s is a marked black tree run that is popular with the locals on the Snowdon Mountain side of Killington.

To access this location, you need to take the Snowdon Quad from the base.

The Snowdon Quad is a long and extremely slow.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the right and continue off the lift to the right out of the unloading area.

Proceed through the top area which is flat and stay to your left.

Take the sharp left turn on to Frolic and be ready for a short steep pitch and sharp turn to the right.

Once you clear that turn, STOP at the corner.

You can enter the trees there or a little farther down Frolic.

If you choose to enter at the turn, use caution when entering, as it is tighter and usually only has a couple of tracks to follow.

Once you get in there, it is amazing! There are many lines and fresh powder for everyone.

If you get through the who tree run, you will dump out on to Vagabond or Northstar.

This is DEFINITELY a tree run to do on a powder day.

A perfect advanced trail for people looking for an awesome tree run which is fairly wide, not crowded and without fear of going outside the resort boundaries.