A truly epic Blue that gets you up high.


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Take The Great Divide Express Quad.

Take a minute to enjoy this fantastic view.

Right now you are standing in BC This is the highest chair at Sunshine Village and can have inclement weather.

You have a fantastic view towards Mt Assiniboine.

An incredible view that is not easily equaled in the Canadian Rockies.

Head right under the chair and you will descend a pitch that is usually groomed and (mostly) free of Moguls.

A long constant fall line that will be great for both amateurs and life long skiers.

You will meet up with the Angel Express.

Continue toward the Blue sign, the pitch will mellow a bit and you might run into some traffic off the Angel Express as everyone is funneled to the Angel Traverse section of the run.

Check your speed as you might be around beginners.

Rail right after the fence and continue on the open field where you have the choice to either join back up with The Great Divide Express Quad or continue right to continue towards the Angel Express Quad and the Upper Village.

This Blue is as good as it gets.

You could lap this all day in good weather and be totally happy.