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The Attic is reached from Emigrant or Granite Chief chairs.

From Emigrant chair ski the Backside run towards the lowest point on the saddle of the ridge you are approaching.

You will see a road (usually) groomed on your right that leads to the Attic.

From Granite Chief turn left off of the top and follow the ridge line to the lowest point, keeping momentum to go past the lowest point onto a traverse that bears left.

Follow the traverse, which is below the road that comes from Emigrant.

As you continue you will enter the run just below where it starts to steepen.

The Attic is narrower and steeper at the top but soon opens up into a nice SE to East facing run.

It has a good pitch and some people really open it up here.

It ends as it merges into the bottom of Shirley Bowl.

This would be a black run at many resorts.