An intermediate option for people looking for a long cruiser, without large crowds off the Superstar Express Quad.









Skye Lark (upper) is an intermediate trail in the Skye Peak area.

To access this location, you need to take the Superstar Express Quad from the K1 base.

Skye Lark is opened very early in the season, in order to spread the crowds out and away from the Killington Peak and Canyon areas.

Exit the Superstar Express Quad to the left and proceed left to the top of the ridge.

Continue along the top of the ridge - which is almost always very windy and icy.

Pass the Superstar and Skye Hawk headwalls and continue along the top section of Skye Lark - which is very narrow and has a TON of traffic.

Watch out for traffic coming down on skier’s right from the top of the Needle’s Eye Express Quad.

Once you pass that, there are always huge moguls approaching the headwall on Skye Lark.

This trail is EXTREMELY busy, all season long.

The headwall is the toughest pitch with large icy moguls.

Once the headwall is cleared, it opens up beautifully to a long and very wide intermediate trail with varied terrain.

There is almost always snow-making on this run and it is always groomed.

This trail has a lot of light.

The perfect intermediate trail for people looking for a long cruiser without big crowds off the Superstar Express Quad.