A steep black run with impressive scenery.


Analysing terrain data








This black run was added in 2015 on a mountain face that was otherwise purely off-piste.

As one of a handful of runs that is never groomed, the slope will to all intents and purposes still be off piste.

It will likely be skied a lot more and therefore bump up quicker but at least the slope will now be fully secured by the ski patrol.

And there will still be proper off-piste to each side of the marked run.

All in all it seems like a good addition to the network of pistes.

The piste is named after the feature below it – le Rocher de l’Enfer or Hell’s Rock! This used to be the world record cliff jump for a monoskier (you remember those – 1980s, feet and legs glued together, fluorescent all in one suits).

So make sure you stick to the piste and don’t take a wrong turn or you too may unwittingly end up in the record books.