A great, long and mellow angled glaciated ski touring peak.


7 - 8









FATMAP difficulty grade



With a summit sat on the border between Italy and France this glaciated peak makes a fantastic ski touring objective from the Benevelo hut.

It is long and mostly easy angled and will often hold great snow due to its north facing aspect.

It is a great viewpoint over towards the peaks of the Vanoise further afield.

As the ski tour is glaciated, carry the appropriate equipment, and the knowledge of how to use it. From the hut skin towards the bridge that crosses over the river running down from the gorge.

Keep going up the west side of the gorge via a shallow valley and an undulating traverse that follows.

After this you will turn and skin up a valley that gains access to the Glacier below the cliffs of the Granta Parei via slightly steeper slopes.  Skin up the Glacier de Tsentelèina staying close to the cliffs, these can give a bit of definition in poor visibility.

After you leave the cliffs, skin towards the rock rib running down from Punta Calabre, and finish up the Glacier de Sauches to the skin on summit.

On a clear day you will be able to see other ski touring objectives in neighbouring valleys and further afield to the Mont Blanc Massif. The ski down follows the ascent line but the glacier is wide and there is plenty of space to make your own tracks.

When you leave the glacier use the terrain to maximise the skiing before traversing back above the gorge and back to the hut and the typically excellent hospitality that Italian Refuges offer.