An expert double black diamond trail that is long and steep with extremely rugged terrain in the Bear Mountain area.


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Devil’s Fiddle is the most rugged double black diamond trail at the top of Bear Mountain.

This trail is suitable for serious EXPERTS ONLY.

Do not attempt this if you are unsure as this run is very long and steep with a cliff, double fall line at the top, exposed rocks, ledges and huge moguls.

The best way to access this location is to take the Bear Mountain Quad and exit the lift to the left.

Proceed to the far right at the gate to the Devil’s Fiddle.

Enter through the gate and you will then have to traverse to skier’s left to pick your line down.

This is on a double fall line that is VERY steep at the top.

If you go all the way over to skier’s left, you will find this to be the steepest section of the top of Devil’s Fiddle.

If you choose the skier’s right side, do not be fooled because it is not as steep.

There is a small cliff as you descend, so either know it before you try it, or head to the left to totally avoid this.

There are a few ledges that drop off since this terrain is so rugged and steep.

When there is snow, this is no doubt the BEST trail at Killington for an off-piste eastern experience.

You will get it all.

There are many areas of exposed rock, so be alert.

Once you get towards the bottom, there is a nice snow field with some rollers to catch some air on.

Use caution here as there will be traffic entering on skier’s right on Bear Cub.

This trail gets a ton of light and is perfect for experts looking for a long and steep trail with extremely rugged terrain in the Bear Mountain area.