A short double black diamond headwall at the top of Killington Peak that evens out before becoming a very steep trail into the canyon area.









Downdraft Headwall is a double black diamond, which is located at Killington Peak.

To access this location, you need to take the K1 Gondola to the Peak.

Exit the gondola down the stairs and turn left towards the Peak Lodge.

When you approach the lodge, head to the left and boot up before the crest of the headwall as it is almost always has boilerplate, with any loose snow blown off.

This is steep with a double fall line and huge moguls.

Great on a powder day, but not always worth the effort for such a small headwall.

Proceed down the trail and cross over High Traverse.

This section of the trail is not that steep and is more like a single black diamond until you cross over Great Northern.

Perfect expert trail for people looking for a steep challenge in variable terrain.