A steep double black diamond tail with variable terrain. Experts only.









Downdraft (lower) is a double black diamond that is located off Killington Peak into the Canyon area.

To access this location, you need to take the K1 Gondola to the Peak.

Exit the gondola down the stairs and turn left towards the Peak Lodge.

When you approach the lodge, head to the left and boot up before the crest of the headwall since it is almost always boilerplate, with any loose snow having been blown off.

This is steep with a double fall line and huge moguls.

Great on a powder day, but not always worth the effort for such a small headwall.

Or, you can choose to take the Canyon Quad to High Traverse: Exit the lift to the left and follow the connecting trail High Traverse to the first intersection.

Watch out for people descending on skier’s right.

Go left to get on the lower section of Downdraft Headwall.

Proceed down and bear skier’s right at the the fork to stay on Downdraft.

Use caution when crossing over Great Northern as there is always a lot of traffic coming from skier’s right.

Continue on and the trail will become a lot bumpier.

There is occasional snow-making on this, especially in the early season.

There are a lot of fun variable features to enjoy especially on a powder day.

If you are not feeling the love, you can bail to skier’s right where it merges with Cascade.

When you pass Cascade, you are committed to Lower Downdraft.

This is the steepest part of the entire Downdraft run from the peak.

You will find all kinds of terrain depending on snow conditions here.

In addition, there is changing pitch and it is steep.

There are usually very large rollers and moguls that are often icy.

When approaching the merge with Double Dipper, avoid skier’s left.

There is ALWAYS a large slab of boilerplate ice at this spot.

Stay to the right to avoid it and enjoy the remainder of the run into the bottom of the Canyon after merging with Double Dipper.

This area is very wide and open with a lot of light.

A perfect expert run for people looking for a steep and fun challenge on variable terrain.