Big steep fun









Tram Bowl is directly underneath the Tram.

You turn right off the top of the Tram and enter through gate 5.

You can also ski down the ridge from Shirley Lake Express and Silverado to Gate 5 immediately left of the Tram building at the top.

It can be rocky skiers left at the top.

Most skiers will ski fall line and then work their way right avoiding the large cliff known as China wall below.

There are a few chutes and steep pitches at the end of the right hand traverse, this area is known as Waimea.

Follow Waimea down to Land Bridge.

Ski Land Bridge to the bottom of Silverado.

It's best to go with someone who knows the area well for your first few times.

Pay attention to the rock and cliff warning signs and to any directional arrows.

You need to be a solid black skier who can handle steeps, and negotiate around rocks, etc., to have fun on this trail.

There is an option to bear left above the China wall and go around the corner to head to Mr Toad's chute and surrounding area.