A great intermediate trail for people looking for a wide groomer and who are not afraid of big crowds.


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Cruise Control is a very popular intermediate trail in the Needle’s Eye area.

The best way to access this location is to take the Needle’s Eye Express Quad and exit the lift to the left.

Go straight down a short pitch knoll on to Great Eastern and stay on this and then stay to skier’s left of the trail.

You can also take the Skyeship Gondola Stage II to Great Eastern and, for either lift you take, proceed on Great Eastern until you see the turn on the left for Cruise Control.

You will then see the Vista Deck up ahead on Great Eastern.

Make sure you turn left before you get to that.

Once you are on Cruise Control, you will be on a double fall line for a short way and then the trail gets narrow.

Continue until you arrive at a sharp turn to the left where Great Eastern merges.

Keep to skier’s left to stay on Cruise Control.

If you don’t, then you will wind up at the base of Bear Mountain, or the Skyeship Gondola Stage I base area on Route 4.

Once you veer left, this trail opens up into a very wide blue cruiser.

You will see why it was given the name 'Cruise Control.' There is some pitch, but it hardly ever has bumps.

This is great for cruising and carving.

NOTE: Stay alert and ski and ride defensively because Cruise Control is usually super crowded, with many people bombing the run.

This trail gets a lot of light.

A great intermediate run for people looking for a wide groomer and who are not afraid of big crowds.