The atmosphere and aesthetics are on the agenda. This chute (corridor?) is really worth a visit for all those who would like to learn about this type of race.









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[img=216477 right]Domene's Great Spear - La Diagonale[/img] ## Upward From Freydière, go up to Lac du Crozet.

Then turn left towards the Col du Loup by the GR 549 which is abandoned on the left at Lac du Loup to reach the bottom of a trunking corridor making a scarf on the left (from below, we do not see the rest). Then go up this corridor / trunking obvious to go out into the highest slopes of the antecime of the Pic du Loup: * [[images/24723|A first jump]] in ice/mixed ice over 20/25m with two recoveries a little delicate because of thin plating.

No 3.

Pinning possible. A left bank piton at the exit. * 50 m higher [[images/24724|another step]] of 3 on a thinner veneer, difficult to protect but short. * The rest in snow 45° or 50°. We then arrive on the ridge which quickly leads to the top of the Pic du Loup.

From there, we can continue along the ridge to reach the Great Lance. ## Descent Reach the Col de la Pra by the classic route of the Pic du Loup or by the normal route of the Grande Lance de Domène.

In the first case, from the top of the diagonal, descend a hundred meters to the ridge and then descend the obvious combe S which arrives directly on the pass. ##Ski down Ditto mounted.

Very high filling requirement (early May 2018).

First part at 40/45° skiing.

Second delicate jump (slope 55 to short 60°, bottleneck that makes it difficult to grip) not skiable.

Pui bien skiable en 45/50°.<br/><br/><br/>This Adventure has been shared under the[Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._