Magnificent glacier corridor, one of the most beautiful to access the prestigious summit of La Verte, also one of the most popular. This is the obvious corridor behind the rocky triangle supporting the Cordier corridor.









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[img=181364 right]Green Needle[/img] ## Approach #### From the Col des Grands Montets # 1h Go down 150 m on the Rognons glacier and cross on the side under the Petite Verte, the Cordier corridor (beware of serac falls) and the base of the rocky triangle of La Verte.

Do not follow the ski trail that passes lower down to the bottom of the Argentière circus. ####From the Argentière refuge # 1h30 to 2h From the Argentière refuge, go up to the foot of the corridor passing, depending on the snow cover, to the right or left of the rock kidney (2866 m) located below the corridor. ## Route # 3 at 6am Pass the rimaye as well as possible, which can be very difficult in some years, attack the corridor 45/50°.

At 2/3 of its height, it pulls to the right and thus leaves to its left the tracks of the N face of the large rocky and right above the Bettembourg - Thivierge chute.

The slope then steepens significantly (55°), while the corridor shifts to the right (beware of ice falls triggered by possible rope falls in the Bettembourg) then lies down again towards the final slopes (45°) and moves upwards at an angle to the right to the top cap. Arriving at the Grande Rocheuse pass and the top of the Whymper corridor.

Follow the edge to the right until you reach the top of the Green needle. #### Output variants It is also possible to exit on the right through the ice cap (easier) and directly at the top (if snow conditions allow). ## Descent * By the [[roads/54309|Whymper corridor]].

The latter is quickly exposed to rock falls during the day, arriving early in the morning at the essential summit, or waiting until the evening * By the[[routes/56802|arête du Moine]]<br/><br/>>This Adventure has been shared under the[Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._