A lower Double Diamond Chute below the Saddleback Bowl









You can find Wounded Knee at the natural conclusion of the Saddleback Bowl, on the right hand side.

This area is usually in the shade and can hold good snow for a long period of time.

Find the entrance mark at the beginning of the cat track at the end of the Saddleback Bowl and scout your line.

Named so because of the shape of the run, taking a hard left at the bottom of the chute and exiting out on a cat track that meets backup with Kiddies Corner.

Joining up Saddleback Bowl and Wounded Knee makes for a great run.

It's a double diamond, but one of the easiest at this difficult resort.

Meet up with the Cat Track to head down to the Paradise Chair, and further down to the Ptarmigan and Larch Chairs to further explore the Back Side.

Either Paradise or Ptarmigan can bring you back to the front side.