A double black diamond tree run that requires extreme expert skills.









Julio is a marked double black tree run off Launchpad.

The best way to a access this location is to take the K1 Gondola to the peak.

Go straight down the stairs out of the gondola and take Great Northern, pass Blue Heaven on the right and then go right, onto Bear Trax.

Bear Trax is a wide connecting trail.

Stay to your left and be ready to take a left on to Launch Pad.

This is another connecting trail but it is pretty narrow.

Once you are on Launch Pad, pass the two marked tree runs, Anarchy and Juanita, which are on your left.

Soon you will see Julio on your left.

Enter the trees and proceed in.

The trees are tight but not as tight as Anarchy and Juanita.

There is a nice section that opens up here, but don’t get too comfortable as the trees get very tight towards the end.

If you don’t dump out on Flume and take it to the end, look for a cliff in there towards the end.

If you are unsure, follow the tracks, but assume this is marked double black for a reason.

It's the perfect expert trail for people looking for a tree run that offers a huge challenge but without the fear of going outside the resort boundaries with multiple exit areas.