Intermediate connecting trail on the upper mountain.









High Traverse is a blue connecting trail that is not on the trail map.

It is used to get to upper Down Draft and across Great Northern to Escapade or Cascade.

To access this location, take the Canyon Quad or North Ridge Triple.

Exit both lifts to the left and look for the flat, marked trail against the hill 'Upper Traverse.' Snowboarders often boot out until the intersection of Downdraft or Cascade and Catwalk and then boot back in if their skating skills are not advanced.

Use EXTREME caution when crossing upper Downdraft, Cascade and Catwalk (upper) as people are going at full speed and are not expecting people to be traversing slowly.

NOTE: If you want to access Escapade or Cascade then try to keep a high traverse line to catch these trails.

This trail gets low light and is perfect for people who are trying to connect with the above named trails.