A great black diamond trail with very rough and variable terrain (when it's open).


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Stitch Line is very similar to Vertigo on Skye Peak, which are both found off the Needle’s Eye Express Quad.

The obvious and most direct way is to take the Needle’s Eye Express Quad and exit to the left to get on to Panic Button.

You can also use Launchpad from the Superstar Express Quad or the Skyeship Gondola Stage II to Skye Lark to Launchpad.

The biggest differences with Stitch line are; the trail is directly under the lift the whole way, there are huge rocks and drop offs, and it is closed more often than Vertigo is.

Don’t poach in this trail, as tempting as it may look, you will get caught.

To get on, take Panic Button and stay to skier’s left and stop at the bottom where it merges with Needle’s Eye.

Go left on the connecting trail towards Vertigo and take the first right under the chair.

Be ready for almost anything.

This is VERY rough terrain but it's great fun when it has enough snow.

This trail gets limited light.

A great black diamond rating with very rough and variable terrain when it's open.