A broad alpine bowl with a variety of chutes, trees and slope angles.


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Bruce's Bowl is a glorious run offering something for everyone.

While it is a Double Black Diamond area, there are a few easier lines for advanced intermediates.

The upper section of Bruce's Bowl extends from the chair line to Paradise Bowl.

Enter Gate 3 and go straight ahead.

Watch for the cornice that forms here.

Note that once through the Northway gates, cliffs and other hazards are not marked.

This is avalanche prone terrain.

Ski/ride with a partner and carry the proper equipment.

Below this cornice is a band of small trees and sloping cliffs.

In deep snow conditions these become skiable for experts.

On the right side of Bruce's Bowl is a rocky buttress with a wide chute cleaving its center.

To the right of this buttress is a shoulder running along a shallow ridge.

This is the easiest route through.

Below this steep section that runs across the bowl, it opens up to a mellower slope with the chance to make some great turns.

This section gets hit early on a powder day.

If you happen to be there when the ski patrol drops the ropes, you're in luck.

Below this mellower slope, the run changes again.

On the right, a steep glade with well-limbed trees offers great fall line turns.

Or head left under the chair (watch for low chairs) and float over the sweeping right face below.

Both lines meet below here and join Northway Run.

Stay on Northway to the bottom of the chair.