A blue connecting trail that links the top of the Snowdon Triple to the Canyon area, or the load-in area for the North Ridge Triple.









Killink is a blue connecting trail, used to get from the top of the Snowden Triple to the bottom of the North Ridge Triple lift area, or into the Canyon area which only has black and double black diamond trails.

To access this location, take the Snowdon Triple which is a long and extremely slow ride up.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the left.

Proceed around the corner and take a HARD RIGHT turn on to Killink.

This is a fairly narrow trail.

Watch out for people crossing over from Great Northern to the right.

Proceed to the lift area to stay out of the Canyon or take a left on to Great Northern.

If you want access Lower East Fall to the Canyon then take a left onto a black unnamed connecting trail.