An awesome double black diamond tree run with very rugged terrain.









Big Dipper is an AWESOME double black diamond tree run.

To access this location, you can take the Canyon Quad or the K1 Gondola.

If you choose the K1 Gondola, take Great Northern to the entrance of the tree run at the gate of Big Dipper.

If you choose the Canyon Quad, take a left off the lift.

Proceed down upper Double Dipper and cross over Great Northern.

Watch for heavy traffic to your right coming down on Great Northern.

Enter the trees through the gate at Big Dipper.

There is no doubt that this run is a must-do on a powder day.

The trees are all open like the way it is out west.

It is easy to pick up speed after you clear the top area which is fairly flat, so beware.

You will surely get everything that a terrain can offer here.

The fall line is varying with multiple pitch changes.

If you stay to skier’s right, there is usually a bump run at the far right for bumpers all the way down.

You will be tempted to duck the ropes to get the fresh powder under the chair, but don’t do it.

There is plenty of good snow to go around.

Once you get passed the top, the further left you drift, the more fresh lines you will find.

The middle offers a challenging pitch and some turns.

Halfway down there is a hidden small cliff.

You will know you are coming up on it when you see the terrain pitch sharply down to skier’s right and zero tracks at the crest of the cliff.

If you go left, you will descend into pow heaven and dump out on lower East Fall.

If you go skier’s right, you will most likely hit some nasty boilerplate in combination with amazing challenging turns.

You will wind up in the funnel at the bottom of Double Dipper.

These trees have a fair amount of light.

A perfect expert run for people looking for steep and rugged terrain.