A winding bump run through pines an aspens on the Front Side in between Lower International and Lower Twister.


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Silvanite is a hidden run on the Front Side that starts flat and groomed but quickly becomes a challenging bump run.

You mainly access it from International by staying right on the trail towards Uley's Cabin and Twister Lift.

You can also ski through the trees on your lower left of Crystal and look for Silvanite off the groomer.

As Silvanite rolls over the first pitch you probably find moguls everywhere left by the locals unless you have over a foot of fresh powder.

It is still very fun for advanced and expert skiers! The run does a big double turn and benches a little bit as it starts to become mellower rolling hills next Lower Twister.

You will often still find bushes and willows in the early season as the terrain flattens out and joins Lower Twister under the Red Lady Express.

You could also access Silvanite by traversing behind Uley's Cabin if it isn't roped off and crossing over Psycho Rocks towards Silvanite.

You can also ski to your left off the top of Silvanite to get some tree skiing and an open sometimes sun-crusted powder field back onto Lower International.