A relatively open couloir that opens to a broad apron below.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Paradise Chute #3 is a steep, open couloir on the skiers left of Horseshoe Cliffs.

This aesthetically pleasing chute is much easier than its neighbors to the right past Horseshoe Headwall.

The steepest section is at the top, and there are no surprises at the bottom.

It does, however, narrow down a little through the trees party way down.

If you can ski or ride the upper section, you should be able to do the entire thing.

This slope avalanches often, so carry the proper equipment and ski/ride with a partner.

Note the signs as you enter Gate 6.

These are the only warnings for this terrain.

Cliffs and other hazards are not marked in Northway.

Starting as a wide triangle of snow that butts up against the rocky Horseshoe Headwall, Paradise Chute #3 narrows slightly as it curves first left through a narrow section between some trees and then slightly right before opening to a broad apron below.

Watch for traverse tracks coming in from the left.

Also watch out for avalanche debris.

Work to the right below the bottom of the headwall for a few more turns.

Hit Otto Bahn at the bottom and return to the Northway Chair.