A double black diamond trail. Narrow and challenging on variable terrain with rollers.









Flume is a narrow double black diamond trail that is located off Killington Peak, going into the Canyon area and that runs to the skier’s left of Cascade.

To access this location, you need to take the K1 Gondola to the peak.

Exit the gondola down the stairs and proceed on to Great Northern, staying to the right.

You will see the gondola as a reference and then take a right to the gate for Cascade.

This trail is steep, so be confident in your ability before entering through the gate.

Once you are in, the trail is super wide and is always groomed in the morning unless it's a powder day.

As you descend, the trail will twist into a double fall line where Escapade merges on skier’s right.

At this point you will see Flume straight ahead.

You can also access Flume via Escapade.

Once you get on Flume, be ready for very rough rollers on a narrow trail.

There is usually some boilerplate ice as well.

In addition, watch out for people exiting the trees to skier’s right who are coming off of Anarchy, Juanita and Julio.

Flume is most challenging at the top.

It flattens out and becomes a run-out back to K1 Lodge.

Also watch out for people exiting Ovation (lower) to skier’s right.

Stay to the right and keep your speed if you are trying to get to the bottom of the Superstar chair.

This trail has varied light.

A perfect expert run for people who are looking for a narrow challenge on variable terrain with rollers.