Loop allowing access to the summit of Monte Oddeu from the E side (short climbs)


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## Mount Oddeu by the E side From the bridge S'abba arva on the Riu Flumineddu take the track towards the S in the direction of Gole di Goroppu.

Quickly, the track splits in two.

Turn right and open the gate closing the access to the cars to the track (forest house).

Follow this track until the altitude of 350 m to take a less frequented track on the right (NW).

If we miss this fork, we arrive at the forest house 150 m further on. Follow this trail to its terminus (just before and to the right a corridor filled with a stone wall) and continue along the path up into the forest.

Follow the path following the cairns and turn right at each fork.

The path leads to the middle of the gravel pit.

Mount the screed up to the wall.

The suite is in ascent to the right (cairns), walking between bars and steep slopes.

Note two small climbing passages with cable and / or rope and / or juniper trunk to facilitate.

Reach the summit on sight. ##Return through the Surtana Valley From the top, descend on sight (NW) towards "Cuile Ziu Raffaele"" (shepherd's hut) north of the plain (Campu Donanigoro).

From the hut, follow the marked path (cairns and red and white paint) direction NE which crosses for a long time before going down towards the valley of Surtana where you reach the path from Tiscali (alt.

340 m).

Continue to the right and go down into the Flumineddu valley, find a track, follow it to the right until you reach the car park. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._