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Climb the Royou by the Pas de la Luerte, cornice of Châtillon and the ridge downhill by Renard's pass, Royou's SW cornice and Clos's pass ##Itinerary From Menée, go up marked trails to the balcony of Glandasse.

follow in the direction of Châtillon-en-Diois until you are no longer climbing. at the highest point of the path, leave it by a path hit in the direction of Ronde. From the ridge of Ronde, reach the Luerte and follow the foot of the cliff towards the N.

after 100 to 150 m, climb the pas de la Luerte (handrail but old) until you reach the cornice of Châtillon.

take this cornice to the left (grassy part then rocky) in return.

Exit the cornice at point S, climbing the ridge (somewhat to the left of the ridge) through a series of grassy terraces and beautiful steps, to the pedrera de l'Echalas. reach the SE point of Royou and climb the ridge on the somital plateau.

Follow the plateau to the Châtillon cabins to take advantage of the view over the Archiane circus. return to pas du Renard and take it for the first part (border the foot of the cliff to the S). take the rocky ledge passing under the W de Royou and arrive at l'Echalas. go down following a ridge (direction ENE) until you reach the cliff.

follow them towards the S until you reach a beautiful stone quarry. lower the tartera (stop before the final rocky bar) and reach the cornice that leads to the pas de Clos.

after the cable climbing, lower the corridor until you reach the pedreras then the forest. Follow the path to the balconies of Glandasse and get to Menée by the way of going. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._