The SW border ridges of Pourtalet


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##Itinerary From the car park at the Col du Pourtalet 1794 m opposite the Maison du Parc National, the track that bypasses the S la Cueva soum which overlooks the Pourtalet and which is followed to the Col du Laquet 1850 m, beyond a path climbs to W and goes SW under the Pène Mieytadère and la Forqueta to go up to the Col at the foot of the Campana d'Anéou, possibility to climb this level PD II+/III aerial level without protection (provide climbing equipment) otherwise continue by the little marked path always SW which extends up to the pass at the foot of the SW ridge of Campana, then climb the grassy ramp to the top of the Gralleras 2262 m descent by the ridge S a small rocky jump descends by a chimney of about ten meters (steps I and II) then the ridge which reaches the Cuyalaret S 2251 m. ##Return From the top of Cuyalaret S the cairneous wave that returns to the SE pass and always crosses the pass to the S of Gralleras then crosses it down around the Gralleras by its SE slope to reach the S pass of Campana d'Anéou and always crosses upwards on the SE slope to reach the foot of the SW slope of Forqueta, climb up through a short chimney (no I) and open at the top La Forqueta 2128 m then by the grassy slopes reach the Pène Mieytadère 2108 m beyond the slope NE the grassy slope and along the low wall border to the low wall 1850 m then follow the low wall which joins the Cueva then the path which leads back to the parking lot of Pourtalet.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._