Access corridor linking Curalla to Chapleu Point and Barmerousse Point.


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Departure Parking of the via ferrata of Passy Ascent to the Croix du Plateau Climb a few meters on the jeepable track towards Curalla then to the water reservoir, turn straight into the forest until you reach the Cross du Plateau 1357 m.

This passage is partially wired and equipped with a ladder that is not fixed properly and too short to pass without exposure (short step of 3 very exposed). Reach the large prominent rock of the Croix du Plateau (used as a beacon for the paraglider).

Note that this rock has been equipped with several climbing routes for a few months now. Junction at the heart of the Chapleu corridor Go in ascent to the right on a marked path until you reach the via ferrata return path and then join the Curalla track. Chapleu Corridor The entire corridor runs up a steep, screeled, grassy slope.

The heart of the corridor becomes more and more rigid and completely rocky.

The climbing is in steps of 2 and 3 from its median part to the summit.

At the entrance to the corridor itself, the Chapleu Hammer overlooks the corridor.

This is the highlight of this passage.

Under this overhang at the narrowest point of the corridor, a passage avoids a chimney exposed in free climbing by the left then a turn back to the right equipped with a rope.

Don't pull on it too much, it's attached to a shrub! Exit at the top of the Pointe de Chapleu. At the height of the hammer (whose summit can be visited), come to the left bank on the ridge.

Go straight up to the top.

Plate stacks at the top. Descent By the E ridge of Bovie located above the Rochers de Rion.

Go down to the altitude of 1850 m, which passes well below the "Cathedral", the point named on map 2074 m.

Cross more or less horizontally in difficult terrain to chamois.

Go down the Pas de Bovie then back to the ruins of Thierria.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._