Beautiful loop with a panoramic summit, a small detour by the Blue / Bloabesee and Green lakes completes the route.


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##Ascent From the Gabiet refuge follow the mountain pasture track towards Mantova and Gnifetti refuges (route n°6A).

At point 2424 m leave the track and follow a path, reach a large flat surface (water intake), stay on path n°6A immediately to the left.

Reach small unnamed lakes around 2620 m. From this point a small round trip by road 7B allows you to quickly reach Lac Bleu / Bloabesee and Lac Vert below. On the way back, find the path and go up towards the Salza pass.

Shortly after passing near the lake / peat bog, follow a direct path to the pass, not indicated on the map but well marked out in the field. From the Salza / Soalze pass follow the steep ridge full N.

At about 3000 m the slope softens, the ridge leads to a vast, very mineral summit slope, covered with a pile of flat stones. Arriving at the ruined bivouac and reaching the top just behind. ##Return From the top, follow path 6B, cross on the side towards Lac Indren, at point 3122 to be exact.

This point corresponds to the return on the path leading to the Mantova and Gnifetti refuges.

Lake Indren is clearly visible below this trail but it will be necessary to be satisfied with the view from above, the approach and blocked by several rocky bars. The rest of the return trip can be done entirely by this path.

It is also possible to find a recently marked path through the Orestes refuge at about 2650 m.

From the refuge, follow the downstream access path and after having again found the ascent path to arrive at Gabiet for a return to the refuge or continue the descent through the valley of Moos to Staffal.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._